About Addiction-Counselors.com

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Our Story

A family member was struggling with alcohol addiction. It took a toll on all of us. It was difficult to find a reliable resource for assistance. It was frustrating not knowing how to speak to a family member or anyone about what we were going through and what our family member was going through. We did not know where to go for help.

With the help of a friend we were directed to a local substance abuse professional who assisted us in helping our family member as well as helping ourselves understand what was going on.

A few years later a layoff at work presented an opportunity to change course professionally and personally. I realized this was a chance to do something for myself as well as for others. I started investigating what I would need to do to help others get through some of what our family had gone through. I found it very difficult to find and then navigate my state’s regulatory agency responsible for overseeing alcohol and drug abuse counseling professionals and the requirements for becoming a Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. I then had an idea.

Addiction-Counselors.com was founded shortly there after to assist others in navigating their state’s substance abuse/addictions counseling professional requirements. This is a useful tool to assist you along your path. Not all the information is here, but there are enough links to the commonly sought areas of your state’s regulatory agency website that you will surely find what you are looking for more quickly.